1. Receive a bonus $25 membership credit
2. One free delivery* (within the zone)
3. Bring a friend to the program, receive $20 bonus membership credit… Bring two, get $40… bring three, you get the gist!  
4. Free SQM freezer bag tote
5. $5 eggs in June
6. Bone Broth trio:  3 one qt containers (1 ea) of our beef, chicken and hearty farm bone broth
7. Free SQM “Meat raised Right t-shirt
8.  Four 50% off coupons to be used towards the purchase of any SQM bacon
9.  Two $10 SQM gift certificates to share with friends or keep for yourself
10. 50% off Bone Broth pass- June @ the Boston Public Market
11. Two free packages of pork or chicken sausage:  One for you, one for a friend… or both for you!
12. Free one hour of shoveling the pigs.  Just kidding!!  (Or maybe not)
13. Free Chicken
14. Build your own chicken:  1 chicken worth of assorted poultry parts
15.  Free package of duck sausage
16.  Free one pound deli meat
17.  Two free SQM deli Sandwich Coupons  (coming to BPM in June)
18.  Two free packages smoked pork sausage
19.  Grind trio:  Three free packages of assorted ground meats (beef, bork, chicken, pork, turkey)
20.  Free steak your pick!

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