When can I join?

  • We offer an open membership enrollment and members can join at any point during the year.

When is my membership active?

  • Sign-Up @ a farmers’ market/SQM retail site:  Your membership is active immediately.  You will be issued a card and your membership bonus meat credits will be added to your account within one week.
  • Sign-Up via our website:  Your membership will be active after 72 hours.  Our Meat Bucks account coordinator will send a welcome letter and cards will be mailed.

What can I purchase with my Meat Bucks?  Any regular meat, poultry or egg purchase @ SQM, as detailed below.  Your meat bucks account cannot be used towards the following types of purchases or products:

  • Any specialty discounted items or seasonal farm bulk packages.
  • Holiday/Specialty meat orders: including turkeys, holiday roasts and special cut items from November through December.
  • Holiday/Thanksgiving sides and prepared items.

Why?  The holiday season is an incredibly busy time of year for the farm and it takes considerable labor to raise, process and fill special requests.  Due to the increased labor involved with producing these items, we are unable to extend the meat bucks discount and purchases must be made with cash, check or credit card.

How long does a membership last?

  • Your meat bucks membership is used at your own rate and never expires.

Where can Meat Bucks be used?

  • Meat Bucks can be used at any SQM farmers’ market and retail locations, including the farm in Hardwick.  Additionally, local Boston area delivery can be arranged with Evergreen Delivery.

How can I try a sample of your meats?

  • It’s easy, visit us at any SQM farmers’ market or retail location and select from our offerings.  Alternatively, send us a request and our staff will coordinate the availability and pick-up logistics with you.

Additional Membership Costs and Fees?

  • If you use your membership value in full and do not plant to renew, we kindly ask that you return your card to us.
  • Lost or stolen cards:  Members will be billed a $5 replacement fee for any lost or stolen cards.

Cancellation of membership:  Memberships cannot be cancelled once purchases have been made.

A special note from the farm-

Your membership is important to us!  Our farm would like to thank you for your participation in our Meat Bucks program.  We are committed to raising and producing quality grass-fed and pasture-raised meats and poultry and look forward to feeding you and your family and friends throughout your membership.  You have made a unique commitment to our farm.  Your membership in return provides our farm with invaluable stream of capital used for farm maintenance and upkeep, the care for our livestock and general farm activities and improvements.

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