Meat BucksAre you hungry for a better way to purchase your meats?

It’s here.

Meat Bucks is our own unique, CSA-like program designed to cater to the needs and habits of ALL our meat-eating customers.  At SQM, we understand that no two carnivores are alike, therefore we have created the perfect program to deliver our members value, choice, convenience, flexibility and control.  Like other CSA models, Meat Bucks provides our farm with invaluable working capital and delivers members cost savings.  Unlike other CSA’s, Meat Bucks is more flexible and customized- allowing members to choose the cuts of meat they need and want.

What is Meat Bucks? 

Meat Bucks is a subscription-based membership to our farm that provides each member with a credit that can be used towards the purchase of our meat and poultry products.  

How Meat Bucks works-

Members purchase a Meat Bucks subscription, selecting from four different levels and receive a “Meat Bucks Card”, an SQM debit card that has been loaded with the value of your subscription, plus the associated membership benefit.  As an example:  If you purchase a level I membership for $300, you will receive a Meat Bucks card with $330 worth of farm credit that can be used to purchase meat and poultry products from our farm.

Meat Bucks is simple and easy to use. 

  • Sign-Up and your Meat Bucks membership is active immediately.
  • Meat Bucks may be used at any SQM retail site: farmers’ markets, the Boston Public Market, delivery and the farm in Hardwick.
  • Meat Bucks may be used to purchase any regular non-discounted SQM meat and poultry products.
  • Conveniently renew your membership, track your purchases and check your balance through our website.

Why A Meat Bucks subscription makes sense. 

If you have tried a meat CSA in the past- Meat Bucks is much better!  As a member YOU choose the exact cuts of meat and poultry you want, when you want- selecting from our full assortment of fresh and frozen cuts as well seasonal and specialty sausages, house cured and smoked items, real roasted deli meats and many other specialty and value-added selections.  butcher2

Better yet, a membership in our Meat Bucks program

  • gives you access to lots of great  membership perks
  • allows you to join our tri-annual membership sales!
  • memberships never expire.





Enjoying our farm-raised meats. 

   Your membership feeds our farm so we can feed you!





Meat Bucks membership is more than great meat.  Each membership includes some tasty perks-

  • Members-only egg price of $6 dozen
  • Monthly, rotating member-only specials 
  • Invitation to our special Tri-annual member-only sales:  (20% Off all regular purchases) 
  • Refer a friend program:  earn a $20 membership bonus for every friend you bring to us*
  • BPM stall perks… $20 chickens on Sundays, 5% Flash Sale bonus on Thursdays

Be sure to check out our Meat Bucks Perks page for an updated list of perks and special member only updates.

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