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Stillman Quality Meats:  An Introduction to Our CSA Share Options

SQM offers a unique portfolio of meat CSA share options tailored to meet our customers needs.

butcher-csaMeat CSA shares are available in several different packages with the o different packages with the option to choose a single share or a combination of shares to create the perfect combination to meet your needs.  Our CSA shares feature a mix of meats: beef, pork, lamb, chicken and/or turkey. Additionally, our farm also offers several “specialty” CSA share options including our Poultry-only and Grind CSA’s, described below.

CSA packages are assembled at the farm to include a variety of cubutcher-csats, designed to reflect the diversity, uniqueness, and quality of our products.  Shares are distributed monthly, and bi-monthly to the pick-up location of your choice.

Memberships in our meat CSA are available for purchase year round, and share distributions can start at any point during the year.  Order one share, or mix and match to create the perfect protein package to feed your family.

SQM:  The Quality Advantage:

There are a number of advantages to purchasing your meats and poultry from SQM.  SQM is the only small farm in MA featuring a poultry abattoir and on farm processing/butchering facility.  We raise all of our animals on the farm and process all of the meats for your shares.  Our meats and poultry are hand-cut, our sausages are hand-made featuring ingredients fresh from the farm.  No other farm offers this to its customers.

SQM Delivers:

  • Farm- butcher-plate:  Full food transparencybutcher-csa
  • Pre-published CSA share menus:  Zero guess-work
  • Specialty CSA Shares
  • Convenience
  • Flexibility
  • Unique quality and access to farm fresh meats (Our farm processes all of the meats and poultry in your shares.  When possible, we will include fresh- never been frozen- meat and poultry cuts in your shares.
  • Chef specials:  Monthly emails with nutritional information, cooking and preparation tips as well as farm updates.
  • Special members’-only discounts for additional purchases.

Stillman Quality Meats is a food hub farm.  Click here to see the story of our unique journey.

OUR CSA Share Options-

butcher-csaThe mission of SQM is to create a sustainable system of livestock production the utilizes the whole animal.  Our CSA programs are essential to helping our farm achieve this goal. Our  butcher csa shares are the backbone of our CSA system, featuring three main mixed-protein share options and several specialty share options.  Each share has been carefully designed to fulfill our vision of delivering to our customers the greatest variety, range and quality of product.

Share contents have been carefully selected seasonally, so you know exactly what you will butcher-csareceive each month.  We understand that no two meat eaters are the same and that preferences vary.  Our shares are unique t-in for customers to partially customize the contents with selections on-site each month.  As we are a small farm and subject to the unpredictable nature of farming, the weather and the uniqueness of our animals, we do reserve the right to make minor adjustments and substitutions to the published share contents as needed.

Shares are available for six or twelve month periods with open enrollment.  Click here for pricing and to see what’s in a share.

Standard Butcher CSA shares:  “Mixed Protein” shares featuring beef, pork, lamb, chicken and or turkey

  • Mini Butcher CSA:  A bi-monthly share featuring 8-11 cuts (approx 10-12 lbs)
  • Small Butcher CSA:  A monthly share featuring 8-12 cuts (approx 10-14 lbs)
  • Large Butcher CSA: Our most popular CSA share option, featuring 12-15 cuts (approx 16-20 lbs)

Specialty CSA Shares:  Available as one-time options or full monthly memberships 

  • Poultry CSA: A monthly package featuring 10-12 lbs of assorted poultry cuts
  • Breakfast CSA:  A monthly package featuring assorted breakfast type meats
  • Grind CSA: A monthly package featuring assorted ground meats
  • Offal CSA: A monthly package featuring offal cuts.
  • Egg CSA:  A monthly package featuring our farm fresh eggs (available in one or three dozen packages)

Share Menus and Pricing

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