Simple and honest.  From farm to fork.

At Stillman Qcell 3.6.15 2474uality Meats we are a a true family farm dedicated to small farm values and outstanding meats and poultry.  AT SQM, we offer customers meats and poultry that are distinctly different from other small farms.  All of our meats and poultry are processed on farm in our poultry abattoir and butchering/processing facility.   We are the only farm in Massachusetts to offer this distinction!  In a food world with very little integrity and transparency -our farm delivers.  Our farm is truly farm-to-fork, offering our customers a direct path to quality meats and poultry with outstanding taste. 

  • Our animals are always fed all-natural dietscell 3.6.15 2215
  • Our animals are pasture-raised: roaming freely through our farm fields and eating diets of grasses, vegetables and foraged items from the Stillman farms.
  • Our grain and supplemental feed is always purchased from a local cooperative

At SQM, our meats and poultry are distinctly different from other small farms.  For starters our animals travel less- and are processed on-farm in our state of the art poultry abattoir and processing/butchering facility- making for animals that are less stressed and yield higher quality meat.  Second, our animals are reared in their natural environments- free to roam and root as they please.  Third- our animals eat well.  And lastly- processing.  Our meats and poultry are all hand butchered from people that truly know farm meats.  Each carcass custom cut.  When you purchase from our farm you will notice and taste the difference.

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We are a whole animal farm and butcher shop.   That means our primary goal is to use thepastured-pork whole animal.  While we would all like it if each pig came with 20 tenderloins or each chicken 6 breasts, mother nature did not build them that way!!  In order for our farm to fulfill its mission and remain sustainable we must use the whole animal.

We invite you to sample different cuts, try new recipes or ask a member of the farm for a suggestion!


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