At SQM we are committed to raising the healthiest, best tasting meats and poultry.  Our grass-fed lamb is a reflection of our commitment and a tasty testament to our small farm values and skills.

Grass-Fed Lamb the SQM Way-

grass-fed-lambOur all natural grass-fed lamb comes from animals raised on open pasture and fed all grass-fed-lambnatural diets.  At SQM our farm maintains a mixed sheep flock consisting of animals chosen for their excellent mothering skills and outstanding meat quality.  Our sheep are never given antibiotics.  Ewes and lambs are rotationally grazed on farm pastures.  

Why Grass-Fed Lamb?

Quite simply- taste, nutrition and quality.  Farm raised grass-fed lamb is different- exceptionally flavored with no gaminess.  At SQM our lamb is aged for 7-10 days, to enhance the flavor and tenderness of the meat.  Our lamb is custom butchered.  We offer agrass-fed lamb full range of grass-fed lamb cuts as well as specialty cuts including our famous lamb sausage.

SQM Lamb Prices-

CutPrice $$/LbRecipe
Cuts:Ground13.99Spiced Lamb Burger
Cuts: Shank11.99
Cuts:Kabob19.99Turkish Lamb Kebabs
Cuts: Shoulder Chop20.99Shoulder Chop with Roasted Eggplant Relish
Cuts: Sirloin Bone Chop22.99
Cuts: Round Bone Chop22.99
Cuts: Stew13.99
Cuts: Riblet 11.99
Cuts: Rib Chop 24.99
Cuts: Loin Chop24.99
Roast: Crown32.99
Roast: Breast 20.99
Roast: Loin 28.99
Roast: Shoulder 20.99Lemon Roast Lamb with Artichokes
Steak: Leg Bone-In23.99
Steak: Leg Boneless25.99
Offal: Kidney7.99
Offal: Liver6.99
Offal: Heart 6.99
Offal: Soup Bones 3.99Classic Lamb Soup
Whole Leg Bone-In23.99
Whole Leg Boneless25.99Tapenade Stuffled Lef of Lamb
Whole Leg Butterflied26.99

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