sausage Enjoy our handmade artisan sausages and grinds

SQM offers a variety of handmade artisan sausages made from our quality meats and poultry- featuring seasonal ingredients fresh from our farms. In addition to our favorites listed below, SQM also features a number of seasonal selections to reflect the bounty of the farms.

sausageWhether a dietary restriction or a hankering for a flavor you remember from a past culinary crusade- our farm will custom make a batch of sausage for you from our meats. In fact it would be our pleasure!  Ask our butcher to create a special selection or share your favorite recipe for us to recreate.  We offer pork, lamb and synthetic casings, as well as casing-free.

All custom batches require a 25 pound minimum.  Please specify any dietary needs with your order/request.

*all sausage is manufactured on equipment that processes products containing dairy & gluten*

Nutritional Info & Diet Restrictions:  SQM hand makes all of our sausages.  We feature several varieties with different dietary and nutritional considerations, as listed below. 

GF-gluten free, ND-non-dairy, PF-pork free, SF-sugar free

SQM Specialty Sausages-

SausagePrice Per PoundAdditional Info
Pork: Chorizo14.99ND, GF, SF
Pork: Hot Italian12.99ND, GF
Pork: Sweet Italian12.99ND, GF
Pork: Maple Breakfast12.99
Pork: Fennel Reisling14.99
Pork: English Bangers14.99
Pork: Apple Whiskey Onion14.99
Pork: Spicy Poblano14.99
Pork: Red Wine Rosemary14.99
Pork: Fresh Italian Cheese 14.99
Pork Smoked: Linguica16.99GF
Pork Smoked: Bierwurst19.99ND,GF
Pork Smoked:
Pork Smoked: Andouille
Chicken: Apple Sage 14.99
Beef: Fresh Kielbasa14.99ND, GF
Beef: Smoked Kielbasa16.99GF
Chicken: Hot Italian14.99ND, GF
Chicken: Sweet Italian14.99ND< GF
Chicken: Smoked Apple & Apricot19.99GF
Lamb: Chorizo20.99
Lamb: Hot Italian18.99ND, GF
Lamb: Sweet Italian18.99
Lamb: Merguez22.99GF, ND
Pork: English Bangers14.99ND, SF
Pork: Apple Whiskey Onion14.99
Pork: Spicy Poblano16.99
Pork: Italian Cheese14.99
Pork: Sweet Potato14.99
Pork: Boerwors16.99
Pork : Jamaican Jerk14.99
Pork: Chorizo Verde14.99
Pork: Mushroom Leek14.99
Pork: Cheddarwurst14.99
Pork: Krautwurst14.99
Pork: Roasted Beet & Dill14.99
Pork: Ugly-HOT14.99
Chicken: Spinach Feta16.99
Chicken: Rosemary Garlic14.99
Chicken: Apple Sage14.99
Chicken: Sweet Italian14.99
Chicken: Hot Italian14.99
Chicken: Jamaican Jerk 14.99
Chicken: Parmesan Garlic16.99
Chicken Smoked: Apple and Apricot19.99
Beef: Fresh Boerwors14.99
Beef Smoked: Kielbasa16.99
Beef Smoked:
Lamb: Chorizo22.99
Lamb: Sweet Italian18.99
Lamb: Hot Italian18.99
Lamb: Merguez23.99
Turkey: Sausage
Turkey: Chorizo
Turkey: Kielbasa
Turkey: Andouille
Turkey: Rosemary Garlic
Turkey Smoked: Kielbasa

SQM Ground  Meats and Specialty Ground Combos-sausage

At SQM, we offer a variety of ground meats and specialty ground combinations, each listed below.  Additionally, we offer seasonal selections as well.

Grind enthusiast? Check out our Grind CSA!

GrindsPrice $$/lbAdditional Info
Beef8.99Jamaican Dumpling Recipe
Pork8.99Mini Pork Pie Recipe
Lamb13.99Spiced Lamb Burger Recipe
Chicken 12.99Chicken Meatball Recipe
Specialty: Bork12.99Our special butchers blend of ground beef and ground pork
Specialty: Bacon Beef14.99Our special butchers blend of pork bacon and ground beef

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