Rose Pork (NOT, the other white meat!)

pastured-porkOur pastured pork is distinctly different- in look, taste and texture.  In fact our pastured pork is so wildly different than “the other white meat”  …that we refer to it as “Rose Pork”.  Our Rose Pork is just that- pork meat from pastured hogs with a gorgeous pink rosey hue, and fat -yummy, healthy fat- plenty of it, well marbled throughout the meat.  The distinct “rose” color of our pastured pork is derived from the farm-raised diets our pigs are fed and the healthy pasture environment our pigs are reared in.  Our pigs:

  • are never fed or treated with antibioticspastured-pork
  • are raised outdoors on pasture- free to roam and root and fulfill their porcine natures
  • are allowed to farrow naturally
  • piglets are weaned naturally
  • are never crated or had their tails docked

As a result the pork from SQM, truly tastes different! Full-flavored- the way pork used to taste.  Not the wimpy tasteless pork so commonly available.

The flavor of our pork speaks for itself- slightly sweet (from all the apples and peaches and corn our pigs are fed!) with rich buttery fat.  We promise!- hold the seasonings and cook moderately- you’ll be back for more.

Pigs Rule at SQM

pastured-porkLike every household, every barnyard has a hierarchy.  At SQM our porcine friends rule the roost- or the “yard” sort of speak.  At SQM we believe strongly in fostering diversity and maintain a mixed herd of pigs, featuring many heritage breeds including Tamworth, Berkshire, Gloucestershire Old Spots, Yorkshire and more.  The mix creates a more pastured-porkinteresting, diverse and dynamic farmyard and also produces pork meat with a personality.  Our pigs eat a combination diet of grains and produce from the farms including strawberries, corn, peaches and heirloom tomatoes.  The ultimate gourmet life!


CutPrice $$/LbRecipe
Bacon: Hickory Smoked14.99Asparagus with Bacon and Hard Boiled Eggs
Bacon: Raspberry Gin19.99
Bacon: Applewood Smoked14.99
Bacon: Black Forest16.99
Bacon: Maple Bourbon16.99
Bacon: Cracked Pepper16.99
Bacon: Chili Chipotle16.99
Bacon: Jalapeno16.99
Bacon: Slab14.99
Bacon: Ends14.99-19.99
Smoked-Cured: Pig's Trotters8.99Beef Stew with Carrots and Potatoes
Smoked-Cured: Hocks8.99Smoked Hock & White Bean Soup w/ Arugala
Smoked-Cured: Guanciale12.99
Smoked-Cured: Ham Steaks16.99
Smoked-Cured: Canadian Bacon23.99
Smoked-Cured: Chops19.99
Smoked: Black Forest Ham16.99
Smoked: Tasso Ham16.99
Offal: Soup Bones3.99
Offal: Leaf Lard, raw5.99
Offal: Liver7.99
Offal: Heart7.99
Offal: Kidney7.99
Offal: Trotters5.99Chineese Red Braised Trotters
Offal: Jowl8.99
Offal: Pig Head6.99
Offal: Pig Tails7.99
Offal: Fatback4.99
Cuts: Ground8.99
Cuts: Kabobs12.99
Cuts: Cutlets14.99Pork Cutlets with Watermelon/ Tomato Salad
Cuts: Blade Chops13.99
Cuts: "Porterhouse" Chops16.99
Cuts: Country Style Ribs12.99
Cuts: Southern Style Ribs14.99
Cuts: Spareribs12.99Thai Stlye Pork Spare Ribs
Cuts: Babyback Ribs15.99Bourbon Glazed Baby Back Ribs
Cuts: Pork Sirloin Steak11.99
Cuts: Shanks Bucco8.99
Cuts: Fresh Pork Belly12.99
Cuts: Pork Stew8.99
Cuts: Flat Iron19.99
Chops: Sirloin 13.99
Chops: Loin13.99
Chops: Rib13.99
Chops: Porterhouse16.99
Chops: Bone-In 1-1.5"13.99
Chops: Boneless 1-1.5"15.99
Roasts: Brisket14.99
Roasts: Pork Pluma21.99
Roasts-Specialty: Boneless Butt11.99Moo-Shu Pork
Roasts-Specialty: Shoulder, Bone-In10.99Pork Cassoulet
Roast-Specialty: Shoulder, Boneless11.99
Roasts-Specialty: Tenderloin, Boneless13.99
Roasts-Specialty: Pork Tenderloin, Bone-In25.99
Roasts-Specialty: Crown
Roasts-Specialty: Fresh Ham, Bone-InFresh Roasted Ham with Citrus & Rye
Roasts-Specialty: Fresh Ham, Boneless
Roasts Specialty: Eye of the Round
Roasts-Specialty: Top Round
Roasts-Specialty: Bottom Round
Value-Added: Smoked Ribs 15.99
Value-Added: Bacon Wrapped Herb Roast21.99
Value-Added: Herbed Eye of the Round16.99

For more on heritage pigs– the breeds, pictures and fun facts.



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