Pastured-Poultry-The SQM Way-

At SQM, pastured-poultry is not a gimmick- its the real deal!  Pastured poultry is a way of life.  Today chicken is a long way from the chicken many remember of the past.  Wpastured-poultryhat started as a small “back to our roots” movement, a desire to raise humanely handled poultry-free to roam and forage on pasture- the result of which is “chicken that actually has taste” has now swelled into a nation wide movement to transcend the current poultry rearing trends in this country and offer consumers honest and pastured-poultrytrue, yummy tasteful poultry.  At SQM, we are proud to join the growing pastured-poultry movement and culture in the U.S., joining many other small farmers across the country to offer our consumers chicken and turkey with a conscientious, with health and full taste!

(As a consumer you believe in pastured poultry for its exceptional taste, high quality and superior nutritional value).  As a consumer and the recipient of our final product- pastured poultry- is quite simply: amazing tasting, quality and nutrition and chicken.  But pastured poultry is so much more! Pastured-poultry represents a total model of sustainability and efficiency- encompassing values and practices that benefit the farm (farmer), the environment, and consumer.  True pastured poultry is environmentally, socially and economically sensible!  Our pastured poultry:

  • Are cage-free.pastured-poultry
  • Are raised on pasture- free to forage from farm pastures
  • Are never fed or treated with antibiotics
  • Are fed all natural diets- foraged from farm pastures and grains from a local coop
  • Never have their beaks trimmed or wings clipped

At SQM we are passionate about animal welfare, humane handling of our poultry and livestock and sound agricultural principals and practices.

If you have yet to try our poultry- we invite you to do so.  We invite you to taste the pastured-poultry difference!  

About our Pastured-Poultry Products

At SQM, we raise a variety of pastured poultry- including chickens- both meat and laying types, turkeys, ducks and geese.  Our farm is the only small farm in Massachusetts featuring a full scale poultry abattoir and meat processing and butchering facility. Meaning our birds spend their entire lives on our farm-until you carry them home to enjoy!  We are proudly reducing our pastured poultrypastured-poultry‘s carbon footprint.  As a consumer, you get the added benefit of poultry that is processed fresh, has not been stressed from travel and is hand butchered by our talented staff of craft-butchers and farmers.  You will taste the difference- we promise!  In addition to whole birds, our farm features a full range of poultry cuts including specialty grinds, hand-made sausages and house-smoked selections, eggs and offal including livers, feet and more.

Poultry Prices-

CutPrice $$/LbRecipe
Chicken Cuts: Ground12.99Chicken Picadillo Enchiladas
Chicken Cuts: Boneless Skinless Breasts11.99
Chicken Cuts: Split Breasts10.99
Chicken Cuts: Thighs, Bone-In10.99Sweet & Sour Chicken Thighs with Carrots
Chicken Cuts: Whole Legs 9.99Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Cuts: Cutlets14.99
Chicken Cuts: Drumsticks 7.99
Chicken Cuts: Wings 7.99Chili Chicken Wings
Chicken Cuts: Breast Tenders14.99
Chicken Cuts: Kabobs
Chicken Cuts: Breast Tenders14.99
Chicken Roast: Whole Roasting 25/eachRoasted Rosemary Honey Chicken
Chicken Roast: Split Broiler15/each
Chicken Roast: Whole Breast Roast13.99/each
Chicken Roast: Smoked Half Chicken19.99
Chicken Offal: Liver10.99Chicken Liver Kebabs
Chicken Offal: Heart 8.99
Chicken Offal: Necks 5.99
Chicken Offal: Feet10.99
Chicken Offal: Soup Bones 3.99
Value- Added: Smoked Half Chicken19.99
Value-Added: Lemon Herb Split Breast
Value-Added: Lemon Pepper Thighs
Value-Added: Cajun Smoked Halves
Value-Added: Marinated Chicken Thighs
Value-Added: Marinated Chicken Drumsticks
Value-Added: Marinated Chicken Kabobs
Value-Added: Marinated Boneless-Skinless Breast
Marinated Split Breasts
Value-Added Marinated Chicken Tenders
Shish Kabobs
Value-Added: Stuffed Chicken Breasts21.99
Eggs: Chicken-Half Dozen4.00/each
Eggs: Chicken-One Dozen7.00/each
Eggs: Chicken-Three Dozen18.00/each
Eggs: Duck-Single Egg when available
Eggs: Duck-Half Dozenwhen available Spinach & Duck Egg Breakfast Sandwich
Duck: Whole Roastingsee holiday order form
Stew Henwhen available
Turkey: Whole Roastingsee holiday order form
Turkey Cuts: Breast, Bone-in13.99
Turkey Cuts: Drumsticks 8.99
Turkey Cuts: Wings 8.99
Turkey Cuts: Whole Legs10.99
Turkey Cuts: Ground12.99
Turkey Cuts: Breast Tenders15.99
Turkey Cuts: Cutlets15.99
Turkey Cuts: Breast, Boneless-Skinless12.99
Turkey Cuts: Shish -Kabobs14.99
Turkey Offal: Soup Bones 4.99
Turkey Offal: Liver12.99
Turkey Offal: Necks 5.99
Turkey Offal: Hearts12.99
Turkey Roast: Whole Roasting
Turkey Roast: Small
Turkey Roast: Medium
Turkey Roast: X-Large
Turkey Roast: Heritage
Turkey Value-Added: Smoked Drumsticks 13.99
Turkey Value-Added:
Smoked Wings
Turkey Value-Added:
Smoked Breast
Duck: Whole Roasting 3-5 lbs75.00
Duck Value-Added: Smoked Duck Breast
Duck Value-Added: Duck Confit39.99
Duck Offal: Liver15.99
Duck Offal: Heart13.99
Duck Offal: Necks10.99

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