Purchase your meats and poultry from SQM.   From farm- to butcher- to fork- our farm delivers!  When you purchase your meats and poultry from our farm, you buy from folks that truly know meat- that have a passion for animals and believe great taste starts at the farm. 

Purchasing from Stillman Quality Meats is unique:

  • We are a true family farm- dedicated to strict standards of sustainable animal cell 3.6.15 1858husbandry and welfare.
  • Our meats and poultry are from animals reared on the farm and cared for by our dedicated team.
  • At SQM animals are our passion. Emphasis is placed on breed selection, natural breeding, meat quality, and genetic diversity with special emphasis placed on heritage breed animals.
  • SQM is t10440956_695912520485482_6168931646225186400_nhe only small farm in MA featuring a poultry abattoir and meat processing and butchering facility, so when you buy from our farm- you also buy from the processor and the butcher!  No other farm can offer that.
  • At SQM our talented team of farmers, butchers and sales people “wear all hats” representing many years in the meat/food business.  As a customer you shop from a source that knows your steak like no other.
  • At SQM- we know and respect your meat.  Each selection is hand-cut, custom processed to your liking and packaged fresh.cell 3.6.15 2085
  • Quality.  At SQM quality is our mantra- and we mean it.  All of the ingredients in our processing are sourced locally for a difference you can taste and feel good about.
  • Taste-  Above and beyond all other factors- the taste of the meats and poultry you purchase from SQM will be superior- we promise.

So what’s for dinner tonight?  


Visit our farm at your favorite farmers market, subscribe to a CSA membership or send our butcher a special request.  Whether delivery or pick-up, we look forward to supplying your next tasty eats.

Learn the whole story of our unique journey from farmer to processor.





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