Your favorite meat and poultry cuts- conveniently pre-assembled and packaged-  ready to enjoy!

About Our Bulk Meat Packages-

Each bulk meat package features an assortment of grass-fed and pastured poultry cuts including staple cuts such as steaks and chops, specialty sausages and grinds, house-cured selections and more!  The meats included are individually packaged, cryo-vacuum packaged and labeled- perfect to enjoy for a dinner immediately, or safely tucked into the freezer for a meal down the road.  No substitutions are allowed, and packages cannot be combined or discounted with other SQM offers.   

Pricing and Package Options-

When you purchase one of our bulk meat packages you save!  Each package is uniquely assembled with a great selection of cuts to offer you the best value.  Click here to find out each bundle’s contents.

Package Price Value
Breakfast Package $150 $185

Savings:  $35

Super Breakfast package $250 $300

Savings:  $50

Chef’s “Goody Package” $250 $300

Savings:  $50

Soup/Stock package $150 $175

Savings:  $25

Braising Package $200 $260

Savings:  $60

Poultry Package $300 $360

Savings:  $60

Freezer Stocker Package I $250 $280

Savings:  $30

Freezer Stocker Package II $350 $420

Savings:  $70

Freezer Stocker package III $500 $620

Savings:  $120

About our Grass-fed and pasture-raised meats.

What is in our meat package bundles?

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