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Stillman Quality Meats operates a state inspected poultry processing facility in Hardwick, MA.  We offer state-inspected poultry processing for personal and commercial needs from April- December.  We process meat breed chickens (no Cornish game hens) and turkeys and water fowl upon special request.  We offer whole bird only processing and are not able to cut up or further process poultry.


  • We have limited ability to custom process birds. We strongly suggest making an appointment 3-4 weeks in advance, and possibly further during the busy summer and fall months.

Farmers utilizing SQM’s processing services must:

  • Drop birds off at the farm by 9 am on their scheduled processing date in clean labeled poultry crates.
  • Farm address: 3674 Greewnich Rd, Hardwick, MA 01082; 277.9600
  • Birds must have empty crops (take off feed 24 hours before scheduled appointment)
  • Birds must be secure in poultry crates. Label crates.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen crates.
  • SQM will do all processing and packaging. Please leave labeling instructions @ drop off
  • Pick-up. Product will be available 48 hours after processing to allow for cooling and packaging time.  Please specify your pick-up arrangements.
  • Birds held for longer than four days will be charged a cooling and handling fee. No boxes available.


SQM will provide a generic “processed by Stillman Quality Meats” label for all processed birds for resale.  Labels will include net weights and safe handling information.  Please provide all farm information for the label @ drop-off.

Processing Fees-

Fees cover all processing, chilling, packaging and labeling.  Note:  costs are subject to change.

Species Kill Fee Retail Packaging with Label
Chickens $5.00 per bird;  $1.00 extra for colored birds and $1.00 extra for birds 7lbs or greater. $1.00 for vacuum seal and labeled for resale.  Giblets packaged bulk and included separately.  No gizzard/feet processing.
Turkeys $13.00 per bird (up to 15lbs)

$1.00 per lb (15 lbs or more)

No additional charge
Ducks $20.00 per bird $1.00 for vacuum seal and labeled for resale.
Geese $20.00 per bird $1.00 for vacuum seal and labeled for resale.
  • A freezer charge of $20/day will be assessed after 4 days.

More Information & to Schedule Processing:

To schedule a processing appointment contact the farm: 413.277.9600 or email:

  • All appointments will be confirmed by phone or email.

Information about our Farm Processing and Licensing:

  • We are a state certified facility, licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the town of Hardwick. Our facility operates under the federal Poultry Products and Inspection Act with a small enterprise exemption.   Our facility is routinely inspected by the DPH, local and USDA officials, however a USDA inspector is not on site at all times.

The Small Enterprise exemption states:

  • Birds processed at our facility can only be sold within the state of Massachusetts
  • Birds processed at our facility CAN be sold direct to consumers or through restaurants and store fronts.

**As a Small Enterprise Exempt facility to maintain legal compliance with the federal USDA laws, we are required to purchase your flock and then the birds will be sold back to you as finished product upon pick-up.

***We ask any individual or farm using our facility for poultry processing adhere to our strict farm bio-security procedures.


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