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stillman-quality-meatsStillman Quality Meats- situated in Hardwick, MA is a true family farm, dedicated to producing the highest quality, most nutritious and sustainably raised grass-fed and pastured meats and poultry.  At SQM, animals are our passion and our meats a reflection of that passion.    At SQM we believe it is not enough to simply care about your food, but one also needs to know about your food and we strive to deliver our customers that experience, offering a unique path from farm to plate.  Our animals are raised on our farm- reared on pasture, fed all natural diets and cared for in the most humane and sustainable manner- as nature intended.  At Stillman Quality Meats our animals are processed on the farm in our state-ofstillman-quality-meats-the-art abattoir and processing facility.  The passion we have for our animals and the care and commitment we have for our craft can be tasted in every bite of our meats and poultry.  Our farm features a full selection of custom butchered and hand-cut meats including homemade sausages featuring ingredients fresh from the farm as well as house cured meats, charcuteries and ready to eat selections.  


Don’t miss out on anything tasty from SQM!  

Please join our mailing list, visit us for one of our seasonal farm events, or consider joining our great farm crew.   We look forward to seeing you at the farm, sharing a few farm tales at the markets or joining you at the table for your next great meal.



We invite you to support the whole Stillman Family and enjoy all of our outstanding Conscientiously grown and raised products!

cell 3.6.15 2085

Stillman’s Farm; New Braintree MA

Still Life Farm; Hardwick, MA

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