kate-stillmanStillman Quality Meats- Our story

Stillman Quality Meats was founded in 2005 by farm proprietor Kate Stillman.  Born out of a lifelong passion for agriculture and a desire to fill the small farm dream- Kate built Stillman Quality Meats, one chicken, one cow, one pig and one sheep at a time!  Today, SQM is a dynamic livestock farm, encompassing two farmsteads and includes a variety of livestock to fill the farm’s grass-fed, pasture based meat business.  Kate works to bring her passion for agriculture and the farm’s commitment to sustainable animal husbandry to fruition, delivering SQM customers “the best of the farm” direct to their plates.

Its true, we raise turkeys… A lot of them, but that’s not it!

SQM was originally started as Stillman’s at the Turkey Farm- purchased in 2005 by Kate Stillman.  The Turkey Farm, the flagship property of SQM is tucked into the east Quabbin Valley in the picturesque town of Hardwick, built in 1830 with the purpose of free-ranging 5000 turkeys for fresh sales in the NY and New England markets.  At first Kate had no intention of raising turkeys, but realizing the farms roots, and not looking to forsake the farm’s name, Kate quickly aquiesed and began raising turkeys, proudly contributing to the farms rich legacy.

Today SQM is spread across two seperate farmsteads in Hardwick, MA- and is a vibrant and dynamic farm operation that has grown to include a poultry abattoir and on-farm processing facility to custom process all of the farm’s grass fed and pastured meats and poultry. The three year project to build the abattoir has rebuilt SQM – allowing the farm to grow and fulfill our farmets market and CSA customer needs.  comprised of two separate farmsteads, each located in Hardwick, MA.

The farm attends a full schedule of farmers markets throughout Massachusetts and features a unique CSA system that encompasses a variety of membership options that truly meat the needs of our customers.  Our farm prides itself on service and we work to deliver exceptional service to our customers as a standard.  In fact, we insist you reach out to us- plan a visit, sign up for our newsletter or ask our butcher to cut you a special selection.

Kate Stillman- Farm Proprietor

Kate quite literally grew up in the business of farming- helping on her parents veggie and her grandparents dairy farms- she learned early to embrace her farming roots and hone her skills as an entrepreneur, caretaker, manager, vet, sales person -even undertaker- she has managed to leave no stone unturned.

Kate attended the University of Massachusetts, today she farms her two properties with her sons Trace and Jaide. (They have a little ways to go before they approach helpful!).  Kate has successfully brought Stillman’s at the Turkey Farm to Stillman Quality Meats- developing am extensive CSA network, and creating a vibrant farmers market system.


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