On Farm Poultry Processing Workshop

Thursday May 3rd 9am-1pm  $75 per person

For small farmers and backyard poultry enthusiasts: a hands-on workshop on poultry processing and post harvest processing techniques.  This is a great opportunity to gain first hand knowledge and experience with safe and humane poultry slaughter including a live demo, discussion about best practices, equipment, biosecurity, food safety and post harvest processing.

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Poultry Processing and Butchering 101

Sunday June 10th 10am-2pm  $150 per person

Have you ever wondered about the process from field to plate of your chicken?  Here is your opportunity!  Join us for a hands-on workshop- we will provide a live demo on safe and humane poultry slaughter followed by a hands-on discussion and butcher demo.  All participants will get to cut up their own chicken to take home.  We’ll discuss different cut options, including how to “spatchcock” a chicken and cooking tips.  Participants will be treated to a 100% LOCAL farm lunch.    

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