At SQM it's no secret- we take great pride in our meats and poultry. We are extremely proud to be the only small farm in MA featuring a poultry abattoir and on-farm red meat butchering and processing facility. Delivering full food transparency coupled with artisan quality and craftsmanship, our farm embodies the "Know your farmer-Know your food spirit!" In fact- we invite you to go one step further and "Know your butcher!" ...Yes from farm -to knife- to plate, we offer our customers a complete food story.

Happy Animals

At SQM we have a passion for humanely raised livestock. Our animals start their lives on our farm, are raised on our pastures and fed all natural diets. We invite you to taste the difference.

Stewardship and Conservation

SQM is beautifully situated on two farmsteads in historic Hardwick, MA. Each property is a reflection of the vibrant and deep agricultural roots of the area. We are extremely proud to be a part of a diverse and flourishing farm family and community. Our farm proudly maintains our core values of land stewardship, open space preservation and sustainable agricultural practices and conservation. We are a true family farm!


At SQM we have a passion for exceptional tasting meats. Not only do we believe and hold tight to our core values and practices, but we believe the taste and quality of our meats and poultry is a direct reflection of our dedication and passion. Our talented team offers our customers the BEST meats and poultry possible. Custom butchered, hand-cut and made, featuring all local ingredients direct from our family farm- this is our promise to you.

Stillman Quality Meats is a true family farm dedicated to producing premium grass-fed and pasture raised meats and poultry.

Our meats and poultry are truly unique. Raised in the small farm tradition using local and sustainable practices, our meats are better tasting and more nutritious- produced from humanely raised animals fed all natural diets. Our meats and poultry reflect our dedication and commitment to our animals, the land and our families.

Purchase a Sample Butcher CSA Share

Purchase a Sample Butcher CSA Share
Considering a CSA membership with our farm? Purchase a one-time sample share today!

Order A Holiday Turkey

Order A Holiday Turkey
Our farm proudly raises traditional and heritage type turkeys. Order a bird for the holidays.

Amazing food- it's that simple.

We invite you to taste the difference! Proudly offering our customers a tasty and conscientious connection from farm to plate since 2005
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